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Empowering Sikh Youth through Opportunities and Education

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Our Mission

At Sikh Projects, our mission is rooted in a profound commitment to fostering education, engaging with our community, and enhancing cultural awareness.

  • We strive to empower Sikh youth by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to excel in the modern world while staying connected to their rich cultural heritage.

  • Our initiatives are designed to encourage entrepreneurship, promote professional development, and facilitate a deeper understanding of Sikh values and traditions within the broader community.

  • Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to inspire a future where Sikh youth lead with confidence, grounded in their identity and equipped to make meaningful contributions to society.

Business that is worth millions

In an exciting collaboration with Hollywood Videos Creation Agency, we present a distinctive opportunity: the chance to own and operate a business without the financial burden often associated with starting one.

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Sikh Projects Overview

What You'll Learn!

Welcome to Sikh Projects, a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering growth and opportunities within the Sikh community, especially among our youth. Our mission is to empower the next generation of Sikhs through education, skill development, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


This initiative allows turbaned Sikh youth to venture into the world of entrepreneurship with a substantial head start


By waiving the usual franchise and monthly fees, we're opening doors to business ownership that might otherwise remain closed.

Our videos have a wide appeal from

  • Small businesses to Large!

  • Social Media to YouTubers

  • Mortgages to Financial

  • Coaches to Trainers

  • Real Estate to Insurance

  • Self-help to Weight-loss

  • From Start-up and Small businesses to Large Established Corporations including but not limited to

  • Automotive

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • Political and Non-Profit

  • Real Estate and Mortgage

  • Emergency

  • Collection

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

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